SherlockedCon & SDCC

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in News

Hello everyone!

I have news regarding future events: I have swapped Elfia with Sherlocked!

Why? Because I have a feeling Sherlocked might be a shortlived event and I wonder if it’ll ever happen again. Maybe twice or trice. Elfia exists for longer and I’ve already experienced that event. I will definitely return for Elfia in the future because I love it. But it’s a lot more certain Elfia will keep on existing.
This is why I’ve decided to got to Sherlocked and experience that. It’s also within my field of interest a little more. I’ll probably bring Creedlock(uncertain) and Khan.
In case I will regret it and Sherlocked is not worth it, I’ll make it up in the future with more Elfia and Castlefest.

I’ve also entered the volunteer program for SDCC and I’m a confirmed volunteer. However, depending on how things regarding travel are going, I might have to cancel. I have a hotel booked just in case, but flights are pricey. I WOULD LOVE to go, but if things get unmanageable, I’ll announce it and cancel it.

But first; Dutch Comic Con next month! See you there!

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