SDCC Not happening, Sherlocked was fun!

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Hi all,

It’s been a while! I’ve been rather busy with making sure I can start studying coming September. Considering my finances are in trouble and I’ve had a massive electric bill, I’m very glad I decided to let SDCC slip and move to 2016. They have put my name on the priority list for 2016 as volunteer. That is a good thing and I look forward to it! I hope I can bring Spacejump Khan by that time!

Sherlocked was fun. It missed some things for those who didn’t want autographs or photo’s. People automatically assume that that’s what a con is about. And when you say you missed ‘free’ things they instantly said ‘but there were free autographs’. Yeah. You know. That’s not what I look for in a con. Even so, we laughed, we raved and we cosplayed. Even if I felt pretty bad during the con (I had trouble eating, so I forced stuff down my throat the entire weekend.), I look back on it with a smile.

Next con will be AnimeCon 2015 and Verka is almost ready!


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