Verka Serduchka

A costume that started purely out of a joke on facebook, but quickly became serious. It's actually the funniest costume I have and I got a lot of compliments. People were amazed by the likeness and I even creeped out my mum. First time applying a baldcap. Needs some work, but for a first time, I'm not disappointed.

Sequined silver fabric, with pink lining, hand-glued mirrors on the dress. Glued mirrors by hand on tie as well. Broche made of worbla and glitters, ribbon glued on foam. Hat is made with thermoplastics, resin in the cone to lock the screw in place. It's covered with silicone kit for tiles, and glued the mirror pieces on top of it. The star is made from acrylic which has been lasercut, sanded and glued together with superglue and silicone kit. Inside the star is an anchor of worbla to keep it in place. This is glued stuck with superglue and a bit of resin. Star is then covered in automotive foil (for windows). Shoes were bought and hand-painted with silver leather dye, and again glued the mirrors by hand.

Debuted at Animecon 2015, The Hague


Jeroen Weimar

Uriēl Matahelumual,

The Sushi Times

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