She can visualize and create the ideas of others and herself easily, whether that’s in 2D or 3D, traditional or digital. When she starts a project, she works extra hours to get it finished and get it right and isn’t afraid to present those ideas or other subjects in front of crowds. From a young age, she was easily speaking to the masses.
She used to be a professional photographer and ran her own photography company, but after two years of making profit, she was forced to quit due to the financial crisis. However, from her experience as a photographer and artist, she has the skills to quickly see and feel a composition. She starts with a clear image in her mind of what she wants, and more often than not, she gets what she wants.
Living in The Netherlands gave her the opportunity to become multilingual as well, and she is fluent in both Dutch and English. She’s a certified(IELTS) advanced user of the British English language and is moderately proficient in German.

Sharon is a passionate artist, and will pour her heart and soul in her work, whatever that may be.